1 Pond Boss Pro Block Bacteria - Treats 5 Acre-Ft., Model# CBBPR5

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What's Included
  •  (1) Bacteria block

Features + Benefits

  • Easy one-step pond maintenance clears out organic lake-bottom debris
  • Non-chemical approach to water improvement
  • Rapidly eliminates foul odors and improves water quality
  • Designed to reduce sludge
  • 5-lb. block treats up to 5 acre-feet of water — bacteria is released throughout the entire lake or pond, but the majority of sludge-reduction does occur in closer proximity to the block application site
  • Size of the muck reduction area is directly related to the thickness of the bottom sludge
  • Safe for fish, plants and other wildlife
Key Specs
Item# 42658
Brand pond boss
Ship Weight 5.25 lbs
Product Type Bacteria
Treatment Period 30 days
Environmentally Friendly Yes
Includes (qty.) 1

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